Mahakumbh - Ek Rahasya, Ek Kahani

Mahakumbh - Ek Rahasya, Ek Kahani is a 120 episode magnum opus mytho-thriller produced by Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd., and was aired on Life Ok from December 2014 to July 2015. It's about the journey of Rudra, who lost everything at the Mahakumbh. He blames the Garuda mark on his body for his plight till he realises the very mark makes him a powerful protector of the Mahakumbh, the place he hates! It was one of the best TV shows of 2014-15 and was nominated for Best Director Category in New York Festival – International Films & Television, 2016; and received Certificate of Merit at 52nd Chicago International Television Awards, 2016!

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Dil Jo Keh Na Saka

Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd.’s maiden venture Dil Jo Keh Na Saka will remain one of the popular shows aired by DD National. The popularity of the show catapulted it onto DD National although it was initially produced for DD Urdu; and from a modest 13 episodes series it was extended to 52 episodes!