Interested to join Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd.?

Here is a golden opportunity!!

What is Directors’ Short?

Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd. has been created with the sole aim of creating quality content, and we believe top quality human resource is the foremost requirement for that.

In a unique initiative to find the creative people who have jumped into the fray with nothing but a dream in their pocket, Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd. is inviting short films that will showcase your talent.

You can be anybody – a director, an assistant director, editor, cinematographer, script writer, art director, lyricist... all we need is a short film not longer than 15 minutes in any genre from you.

Our esteemed jury will go through the films in every six months and choose a winner. He will have a handsome reward. In addition to that top three films will be hosted in a well publicised popular Short Film website.

Also the directors of top five Shorts will make it to the database of Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd., and will be hired as assistant directors by the organisation as and when required!

Rules & Regulations

  1. The films should be fiction of any genre, not more than 15 minutes in duration including title plates.
  2. You can submit the films in DVDs all the year around at the address on our contact page.
  3. The films received less than 30 days before the bi annual viewing by our Creative Panel will be queued up for the next viewing.
  4. You can submit more than one film. But we will include only one film of each participant in every viewing. The rest will be queued for the next viewing.
  5. The films should be the participants’ original work. We need a signed declaration of the same along with the brief bio data of the participant.
  6. You can use copyright free music or you must produce a no objection certificate of the composer. (Please keep in mind that hosting sites like Youtube delete the content that don’t have prior consent of the composer.)
  7. Add subtitles if your film is in any other language than Hindi or English.
  8. We will not host your film if it’s already been exhibited on the Internet. But you are welcome to participate.
  9. Each winner will have a case award along with a certificate.
  10. Top five films of each viewing will receive Certificate of Merit from Arvind Babbal Productions Pvt. Ltd.
  11. There is NO entry fee.